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BFUNK, a world renowned dance company grounded in both Indian and Western dance styles, has been creating content that connects audiences of different cultures for over 3 years. Successfully reaching new markets both digitally and physically, BFUNK has created a new space in the dance industry where uniqueness and creativity is celebrated. Starting from Los Angeles, California to touring across the world, BFUNK has shared the value of cultural unity to it’s ever growing family. 

Chaya Kumar and Shivani Bhagwan, the creators and founders of BhangraFunk and BollyFunk, have quickly become a worldwide phenomenon. Their viral YouTube dance videos featuring students from their sold-out classes in Los Angeles have caught the attention of many. They have collaborated with the King of bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and received co-signs from other bollywood superstars like Diljit Dosanjh, Arjun Kapoor and esteemed choreographers Geeta Kapoor and Tricia Miranda. With over 120 million cumulative views on their dance videos, Shivani and Chaya have built an enormous fan base around the world. (#FUNKFAM) This has allowed them to travel and teach workshops internationally and bring a new style of dance to many renowned dance studios.

Chaya and Shivani will continue to foster a postive environment in their classes and relentlessly strive to change the conversation, eliminating labels and discussing dance as simply, dance. At age 26, their careers only continue to skyrocket into new heights.


August 24

Get ready San Francisco - you asked and we heard you! We’re coming back with new BFunk workshops. Get your tickets while they last!

September 14

As our BFUNK family continues to grow, we are excited to share that we have surpassed 1 MILLION subscribers on Youtube! To celebrate all the support you all have given us over the years, we are hosting the first ever Urban Desi Mela, Funk Fair! Check out Popshift Magazine to get your tickets in advance. Hurry up, they’re selling out fast!


Besides learning the choreography, we love our dancers being part of the creative process. Comment below what song/mashup you think we should cover next. Who knows, you just might be the brains behind our next big hit!

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